Ready to Use Software Modules for Small-Medium Enterprise

Tried & Tested, Ready-to-Use Software Modules for Business

OSMERP provides you an excellent set of Software Modules that help you in scaling-up and efficiently managing your business operations by leveraging technology without any technical expertise. You can monitor your business activities at micro as well as macro level and promote collaboration between employees and departments, making them accountable for their actions, without much hassle.


Work & Issue Tracking System

The system can be easily deployed in several manners such as a Ticketing system for your services business, work & issues tracking system at your organization. Your customers & people can register their complaints, work & issues online and your Support Team can respond to the requests in a transparent manner.

Step 1

Register Your Business

It's FREE! Using a single Business Account, you will be able to access & manage all the software modules needed for your business.

Step 2

Choose The Module(s)

Just select the module you want and click on Free Trial link. Upto 51 users are allowed during the trial period.

Step 3

Add Business Users

OSMERP is a multi-user system. You can add a maximum of 51 users during the trial period.

Step 4

Subscribe & Pay

When the trial period is over, you can continue using it by subscribing and making payment online.