TERP - ERP Software for Traders & Shop-keepers


Understanding TERP...

ERP software for Traders, TERP, is online billing and transaction management software for shop-keepers and whole-sale traders. Inventory can be managed for multiple warehouses (godowns) and practically designed flexible purchase and sales management process helps in managing your entire business records without any technical / accounting skills. On top of it, it allows your clients & suppliers also to login and view their transactions in a transparent manner and raise any issues & concerns using the same interface when needed.

What Makes TERP Special?

Multi-location Multi-user Platform

You can maintain inventory and sales-purchase data for multiple warehouses / outlets. Also, multiple staff members, as allowed in your subscribed package, can work simultaneously on TERP. You can upgrade / downgrade / unsubscribe your package anytime and your account will be adjusted accordingly.

Flexible User Permissions

You can create user groups for staff members and assign them access permissions easily. Over and above this, you can assign special permissions to selected individuals without any hassles.

Simple & Easy Entries

You don’t need to be a specialist accountant to make entries in TERP. The entire process of sales and purchase management is designed keeping in mind the practical situations faced by your business on day to day basis, and in such a flexible way that you can skip any steps when required and still the data integrity is not compromised. Also, if you make any mistake, TERP allows you to make correction entries in the easiest way possible.

Instant Ledgers & Reports

You don’t have to worry about accounting journals and ledgers. They are automatically updated on simple actions (such as sauda, sales order, sales, sales return, etc.) done by your team and updated ledgers and reports are available for use to users who have the relevant access permissions.

Review & Data Freezing

The software allows you to set check-points and finalize the entries only after they are reviewed and approved by authorized users. You can also freeze the entries after review so that no user can change (edit) the entries once they are approved.

Primary & Secondary Entries

All the entries made in the system are primary entries. Those that can be verified with evidence (bills, receipts, etc.) are treated as secondary entries. TERP allows you to maintain primary and secondary ledgers separately without the need to put any double effort.

Data Portability

You can export your data to your local PC or any portable data storage device and erase it from the server anytime. This adds to your data security and also allows you to transfer it to different software easily without any burden of making the entries again.

Reconciliation with Popular Accounting Software

If you are using any popular accounting software, you can easily transfer data from TERP to your accounting software and reconcile the ledgers in order to generate reports required for regulatory purposes. TERP provides basic business reports such as balance sheet, profit & loss accounts, etc. but since it does not cater to all the business activities (HR & Payroll, Capital Expenditure, Shareholding, etc.), you may choose to transfer the trading (sales-purchase) related data to other platforms for regulatory requirements.

Integrated with OSMERP Modules

TERP, like all other software modules on OSMERP platform, is inter-linked with other modules so you can perform a lot of your business activities if you subscribe to the other modules. For example, if you subscribe to WITS (Work & Issue Tracking System) then your clients and suppliers can raise concerns and issues online and your support team can handle these issues in a transparent way.