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WITS Work & Issue Tracking System

WITS - Work & Issue Tracking System is a business software that helps a Business organization of any size to bring accountability in Work as well as to address their customer’s complaints. This is an online system which allows your Team aswell as Customers to register complaints/memorandums/requests etc. in written form when such complaints/memorandums/requests etc. can be assigned to one or several Competent Team members and thereafter necessary steps towards resolution of such complaints/memorandums/requests etc. begins with utmost accountability.

What Makes WITS Special?

  • Multi-User Support Team
    Multi-User Support Team
  • Internal Notes for Reference
    Internal Notes for Reference
  • Easy Task Distribution
    Easy Task Distribution
  • हिन्दी & Other Lang Supported
    हिन्दी & Other Lang Supported
  • File Attachments Allowed
    File Attachments Allowed
  • Daily Reminder Emails
    Daily Reminder Emails
  • Works on PC / Smart Phone
    Works on PC / Smart Phone
  • Complete Action History for Tracking
    Complete Action History for Tracking

Detailed Working of WITS?

Once a Support Ticket is submitted by your client, your Support Team members can take any of the following actions:-

  • Reply to the client
  • Add internal notes, which are visible only to your Support Team members
  • Attach files with description / remarks
  • Assign the Support Ticket to some other team member
  • Mark unresolved if the issue raised by the client cannot be resolved by anyone in the Support Team
  • Close the support ticket, when resolved

Email Notifications are sent to the client as well as the administrators (as configured in the system) on every action, as mentioned above. When Internal Notes are added, the email notification is sent only to the concerned Support Team member and the administrators.

Work & Issue Tracking System

Working Model of Work & Issue Tracking System (WITS)

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