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Staff Attendance Management System

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Understanding SAMS…

Staff Attendance Management System, SAMS, is a digital attendance recording & reporting system for enterprises. It allows you to capture attendance data using biometric thumb impression readers and derives extremely precise and useful reports that will make your HRM activities, such as leave & payroll management, accurate and much faster.

What Makes SAMS the Best Attendance System?

Biometric Reader Based

Biometric thumb impression readers are the best digital attendance recording devices because the chances of fraudulent attendance marking using dummies is the least when compared to other devices such as RFID, Smart Card or NFC devices.

Cloud Based System

The data captured by these biometric devices is stored on cloud based servers thus, making them accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Enhanced Software

Biometric devices usually come with basic software that does not provide very useful information and at right time. Most of the organizations struggle to derive benefits from such system due to shortcomings in the software. SAMS is indeed that feature rich enhanced software that you need, along with the devices, to derive maximum benefit for your organization.

Instant Absence Report

If you get to know at the start of the day which of your employees are absent and who are available, then you can plan your work in a much better way by allocating important tasks to alternate resources and avoiding wastage of time. SAMS provides you this and many other useful details that will prove practical and beneficial to your work.

Flexible Leave Management

SAMS not only provides you attendance reports but also allows your staff members to submit their leave records using a PC or Smart Phone. If the employee is not adept to PC or Smart Phone usage then the supervisor is allowed to submit leave records on behalf of the employee. This and many other similar features make SAMS the most flexible and pragmatic attendance & leave management system.

Daily Absence Alerts

If an employee was absent then the system sends automatic email & SMS based reminders for submitting the leave records every day until the leave record is actually updated and submitted. This helps you ensure that you have the latest and updated data on the system all the time and that can be very useful in several ways.

Faster Payroll Processing

Since the leave and attendance records are always updated, you get to know the number of days worked and other useful details on 1st of every month and this helps you to do payroll processing in lesser time than any other system available in the market.

Integrated with OSMERP Modules

SAMS, like all other software modules on OSMERP platform, is inter-linked with other modules so you can perform a lot of your HRM activities if you subscribe to the other modules.